Replicarock™ aquarium inserts provide the natural habitat that millions of years of instinctual drive tells small creatures they require. After adding plants in the planting crevices, moss cover, vines, insects, etc., you can truly create an entire living eco-system. Free your pet from the bondage of cage! Our inserts not only double the square footage of living space for crawling, climbing pets, but they promote breeding activity of herps and fish, and literally save the lives of smaller fish by offering cover in the nooks and crannies of the rock backdrop!  These inserts are ideal for snakes, lizards of all types, frogs, turtles, and can be used in terrariums as well.


Larger Sizes and Custom Aquarium Inserts

We typically stock sizes to fit tanks ranging from 10 gallons to 55 gallons. However, due to our professional commitment to produce the most naturalistic artificial rock in the country, we prefer to use organic materials that are typically cost-prohibitive to ship outside our locale. If absolutely necessary, we will cast larger sizes in a lightweight cellular concrete (or in certain cases, fiberglass). Cast concrete, however, feels more natural in terms of texture, temperature, and quite simply... it feels like home to your pet. Please call for pricing information on larger stock and custom sizes and specify the material you prefer.  We will then be happy to give you the price on the larger size and explain the shipping price differences so you can make an informed decision. Literally any size is available, affordable, and can usually be shipped in a day or two.