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Museum Rock Products was founded in 1999, established a web presence in 2000. We are a "design and build" company that works with commercial and residential clients alike, usually starting from scratch-never, ever, missing a completion deadline. 


The founder of the company, Forest Boone, actively participates in every project, still today, out of sheer passion. His formal education and training is that of the Visual Arts, with a concentration in mold making, sculpture, and geology. His assistants, from as few as one to as many as seventeen, are also often trained visual artists. This is what distinguishes MuseumRock from the vast majority of other artificial rock or rock and waterscape companies. What does this mean to our clients? It means that from the design stage to completion a strong emphasis is placed on naturalistic aesthetics, and geological accuracy, in order to ensure that the completed rock feature convinces the viewer that what they are seeing was most assuredly formed in the earth by Mother Nature, and ususally done so monolithically.  


MuseumRock Products is detail-oriented and places great emphasis on design. All of our designs begin with this premise: nature demonstrates a never-ending cycle of decay and transformation. We represent this natural cycle by visually communicating natural processes like geo-morphous, talus breaks, moss and lichen growth, wind and water gaps, etc. After we infuse our walls with life-plants in planting crevices, vines, raw earth, supplimental rock fragments, and organic colorants, the critical viewer's disbelief is thereby suspended.


You determine exactly how detailed you want your artificial rock work and we will add those features, just as you specify. Generally (but not always) the more you decide to invest, the more convincing your final installation will be, since layering takes time, and skilled labor requires a menetary investment. Our cast rock features often originate from casts taken directly from rock faces, precisely as they are found in nature. Every fissure, geologic shelf, and crevice, translates to reflect a photocopied exactness. We use five different processes to create this effect. The first step is for us to determine which one of those five will give you the most value for your dollar.
Moreover, we have developed a system of mineral patination to intrinsically patina our cast rock products. This premium quality final stage is available as an upgrade option for all of our products. The color becomes an integral part of the artificial rock that far surpasses the antiquated system of applied color since the color is locked inside the faux rock. This, coupled with: heating and cooling; flaking; chipping; and simulated erosion. produces a naturalistic product that is second to none.


Some notable quotes from past installations:


"...I found your work to be visually compelling, thoughtful, creative, and technically accomplished."
"...the Paleontology Department at the National Museum of Natural History might be interested in it for possible carbon dating."

        - Bob Allen, Chief of Production and Publications, Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

"This seems to be a remarkable project, I'm glad to have such a Balladian object in our possession."
"We could put the "fossil" at the bottom of a tree-spade hole, about six feet under... should be safe for the millennium." 

        - Kathryn Graves with Johnson Atelier and Grounds for Sculpture, sculpture park; Hamilton, NJ.



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